Many women, at some point in their lives, consider some form of cosmetic surgery. One procedure that many women consider is breast augmentation surgery. For many women, a lifetime of feeling like they do not meet societal expectations is the reason they seek out this procedure. Other women lose a significant amount of weight, and because of this, their breast size decreases.

Whatever the reason that a woman is considering breast augmentation surgery, careful consideration of the pros and cons of getting breast implants is necessary. Breast augmentation comes with physical and psychological benefits, but it can also come with some serious drawbacks.

Pro: Increased Self Esteem

It is unfortunate, but many women feel their attractiveness is at least partially defined by their breast size. Getting breast augmentation can help a woman feel better about herself. This can also cause her to have more wardrobe choices. It can also be a confidence booster.

Con: Cost

Breast augmentation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and most of the time is not covered by insurance. Besides the initial cost of the implantation surgery, many surgeons recommend that patients get MRIs every three years to ensure there have been no leaks or ruptures. These are also costly and might also not be covered by your insurance.

Pro: Choose Your Size

Breast implants can be made to be almost any size, so you have a lot of choices. You can choose to go up only a cup size or two or choose for something more dramatic. Make sure to listen to your surgeon’s advice about which size will best fit your body proportionately.

Con: Sensitivity Issues

One drawback is that a patient may suffer from a loss of sensitivity for a time after the procedure. For 10%-15% of patients, this may be permanent. When the nerves finally do heal, some patients may experience hypersensitivity and pain. However, the majority of patients do not experience nipple sensitivity issues.

Pro: You Can Change Your Mind

While breast implants should be considered a long-term investment, women do undergo changes that necessitate their removal. Keep in mind that in many cases, the removal surgery may not be covered by insurance.

Con: Makes Detecting Breast Cancer More Difficult

This is an important factor to consider when getting implants. Both silicone and saline-filled implants can white out a mammogram, making lesions harder to detect. Having the implant placed below the muscle can help, as it can be pushed out of the way during a mammogram. However, insurance may not cover the additional mammographic views necessary to detect breast cancer around implants.

The decision on whether or not to undergo breast augmentation is a deeply personal choice. Make sure that you have a conversation about all of your options with your plastic surgeon. Making sure that you discuss all of the potential drawbacks is important. Of course, your plastic surgeon can speak to you about the individual benefits and drawbacks of each different kind of implant as well.