The first silicone breast implants were developed by two Texas plastic surgeons in the early 1960s, according to PBS Frontline. Surgical procedures, types of implants and availability have come a long way since then.

A new trend is developing in the breast augmentation community. Smaller, more subtle implants are replacing larger previously implanted breasts.

Breast augmentation, also known as a mammoplasty, is a procedure that enhances and accentuates the size and shape of a woman’s breasts.

Though the trend is regionally based, according to ABC news, breast surgery revisions have increased overall, up 30.4 percent since 2014. What is considered big in the northeast could be relatively tiny compared to Texas standards.

Celebrities are spearheading the trend with many replacing older implants for a smaller, more modern look. Seemingly gone are the days of body enhancement similar to Pamela Anderson and Courtney Stodden, just two of many celebrities famous for their figures.

In addition to a change in size a breast augmentation can also:

  • Enhance breast shape.
  • Equalize breast size.
  • Reconstruct breasts following an injury or mastectomy.

Women are beginning to take into account the lasting effects of cosmetic surgery. Implants have changed since they were first introduced, becoming longer lasting and more durable in the process. Women are also looking toward the future, both in their careers and family life. Some don’t want a bigger, more permanent bust 10 years down the road.

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