The world’s first FDA-approved pulsed wave & continuous wave radio frequency microneedling system.

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Is Sylfirm X right for you?


Want more rejuvenated skin?

Sylfirm X stands out as an innovative skin rejuvenation solution. The latest advancement in non-surgical skin treatments, Sylfirm X incorporates pioneering Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave radio frequency technology to deliver extraordinary results. The rejuvenating effects of Sylfirm X have shown lasting outcomes, averaging up to 6 months and, in some cases, as long as 9 months. With just a couple of treatments, you can enjoy a full year of revitalized and glowing skin.

Sylfirm X: the Secret to Rejuvenated Skin

Wanting more youthful, revitalized, and radiant skin? Discover Sylfirm X, the cutting-edge solution in non-surgical skin rejuvenation. A true game-changer, Sylfirm X harnesses groundbreaking Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave radio frequency technology to deliver exceptional results. Dive into a world of lasting rejuvenation, with results extending up to 6 months and, in some cases, as remarkable as 9 months. In just a few sessions, you can relish an entire year of vibrant and glowing skin.

Sylfirm X in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon, TN

We are thrilled to introduce the world’s first FDA-approved Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave Radio Frequency Microneedling System – Sylfirm X. Our revolutionary treatment tackles a wide range of common skin concerns, such as melasma, redness, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), scars, and pore size. Rediscover your youthful skin with Sylfirm X.

What’s the deal with Sylfirm X?

Sylfirm X boasts the pioneering Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave radio frequency technology, delivering remarkable results that can last up to 6 months and even up to 9 months for some lucky individuals. The beauty of Sylfirm X lies in its versatility and ability to address a range of common skin issues:

1. Enhance Skin Texture: Say goodbye to rough patches, acne scars, or uneven skin tone. Sylfirm X is here to enhance your skin’s texture and tone, leaving it silky smooth.

2. Minimize Pores: For those vexed by large pores, Sylfirm X is designed to reduce pore size, leaving you with refined, velvety skin.

3. Tackle Melasma: Melasma, those pesky brown or gray-brown patches on your face, can be effectively targeted by Sylfirm X, offering you a more uniform complexion.

4. Combat Redness: Whether you’re dealing with redness due to broken blood vessels or other factors, Sylfirm X is your ally in achieving an even, radiant complexion.

What to Expect

At The Lett Center, you have access to the world’s first FDA-approved Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave Radio Frequency Microneedling System – Sylfirm X. Our expert team provides personalized treatments to address a variety of skin concerns, ensuring that you attain the flawless and radiant skin you’ve always desired.

Revolutionary Technology with RF Microneedling

Sylfirm X employs cutting-edge Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave modes, offering a host of benefits:

  • Melasma, Redness & PIH: The Pulsed Wave Mode selectively coagulates hyperactive melanogenesis, addressing unwanted skin pigmentation like Melasma.
  • NA Effect: The combination of PW waves and the NA effect in the Sylfirm X system ensures selective coagulation, effectively treating damaged skin cells while preserving overall skin health.
  • Precision Matters: Sylfirm X delivers precise energy to the targeted tissue, resulting in optimal outcomes with enhanced effectiveness.

Safety and Convenience

Sylfirm X provides a safe and non-invasive solution for your skin concerns, eliminating the need for invasive procedures and associated downtime. After a Sylfirm X treatment, you can typically resume your daily activities immediately, as it usually involves minimal to no downtime.

Sylfirm X Treatments

– Melasma
– Redness
– Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
– Scars
– Pore size

Sylfirm X RF Microneedling: Youthful, Radiant Skin

Are you yearning for youthful, radiant, and beautiful skin? Meet Sylfirm X, an advanced microneedling treatment that is minimally invasive and incredibly effective. As the world’s FIRST and only FDA-cleared dual wave RF microneedling device, Sylfirm X offers both ultra-short pulsed wave mode (PW) and continuous wave (CW) mode, ensuring safety and effectiveness for various skin types and a wide range of skin concerns.

Who is a Good Candidate for Sylfirm X?

Ideal candidates for Sylfirm X are healthy non-smokers with mild to moderate skin laxity, fine lines, stretch marks, acne scars, and pigmentation concerns. However, if you fall into any of the following categories, it’s advisable to avoid Sylfirm X:
– Pregnant or breastfeeding
– Experiencing active acne, eczema, or psoriasis
– Have an unhealed wound in the treatment area
– Have very sensitive skin
– Prone to keloids
– Taking Accutane or certain medications like blood thinners and supplements such as fish oil

We recommend full disclosure of your medications and supplements to ensure your safety and wellbeing during treatment.

How Sylfirm X Works

Sylfirm X utilizes microneedles and radiofrequency technology to deliver thermal energy deep into the skin. The unique microelectrodes create an electromagnetic field of energy, penetrating the dermal layer without damaging the surrounding tissue. Unlike other devices, Sylfirm X reacts exclusively to abnormal blood vessels and tissue, selectively treating increased pigmentation and vascular lesions. This makes Sylfirm X the only RF microneedling device approved for safely treating conditions like rosacea and melasma.

In the dermal layer, Sylfirm X works in several ways:

  • Softening of scar tissue: Radiofrequency energy from Sylfirm X breaks down the cellular and fibrous bands of scar tissue, softening acne scars.
  • Inducing collagen and elastin production: Sylfirm X rejuvenates and stimulates fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin, filling deficient areas of scar tissue and providing strength, tone, and elasticity to the skin.
  • Promoting tissue recovery: Sylfirm X encourages the production of new cells, aiding in the recovery of damaged tissues.
  • Shrinking abnormal blood vessels: Sylfirm X counters the formation of abnormal blood vessels, giving the skin a clear appearance.
  • Stimulating and repairing basement membranes: Sylfirm X repairs dysregulated basement membranes, restoring skin health.
  • Reducing oil gland secretions: By reducing the secretions of oily glands, Sylfirm X helps relieve acne, which often results from excessive sebum production.

What to Expect During a Sylfirm X Treatment

The microneedling portion of Sylfirm treatments typically takes about an hour, with additional time for patient paperwork, numbing, and photos. After applying numbing cream, which takes approximately 30 minutes to take effect, the provider begins the procedure. During this, you may feel pressure, a warm, tingling sensation, and a mild prickling sensation as the microneedles are inserted and removed from the skin.

With adequate numbing, many patients find this bearable. After the microneedling session, exosomes or a similar product is applied to enhance results, soothe the skin, and expedite recovery.


After a Sylfirm X treatment, you may experience tightness and inflammation, which can vary depending on the treatment area and device settings. While your skin may appear pink, similar to a mild sunburn, you should be able to continue your daily routine. Recovery may involve more redness for rosacea treatments and a sticky sensation for acne scar treatments. The neck may exhibit more redness than the face during skin tightening treatments. We recommend using products like Alastin™ Regenerating Skin Nectar or (plated)™ Skin Science Calm Serum in the first week of recovery to minimize discomfort and enhance recovery.

For significant results, we recommend a series of treatments spaced four to six weeks apart for the average patient, and every three weeks for melasma and rosacea patients. Some individuals may require up to six sessions for optimal results.


Sylfirm X delivers results quickly, with improvements in skin quality such as reduced fine lines and enlarged pores within the first few weeks. Reduction in acne scars becomes evident approximately a month after treatment, while pigmentation concerns take about two months to show progress. Skin tightening, driven by collagen production, takes about three months to reveal results. Clinical studies have shown significant reductions in pigmentation and pore size in just one session for melasma and open pores, respectively.

Side Effects

The Sylfirm X device has undergone more than 25 clinical studies, demonstrating its safety and effectiveness. Most patients experience minimal to no side effects, although some may have:

  • Skin sensitivity
  • Tight sensation
  • Swelling for the first day or two post-treatment

To facilitate recovery and alleviate side effects, we recommend using a gentle cleanser, avoiding makeup, and steering clear of skincare products with active ingredients like retinoids, AHAs, and BHAs. Additionally, post-treatment, your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun, so using broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is essential to maximize and prolong your results.

How Long Do Results Last?

Significant improvements can be seen within three sessions. While most individuals can enjoy benefits for a year, some may experience lasting improvement for up to two years. Skin aging depends on various factors, including diet, sun exposure, skincare regimen, sleep, and stress. These factors play a role in determining how long your results last.

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