Dermal fillers are becoming popular as a means to help reverse the undesirable appearance with aging. The goal is to return the dermis to a more youthful state, dermal fillers could give a more natural appearance than surgical face lifts. Dermal fillers are used to reduce wrinkles, raise scar depressions, enhance lips, and replace soft-tissue volume loss. A variety of dermal fillers are available. Some of the most popular include collagen based fillers. Some of these most popular evolence injections (dermal fillers) include hyaluronic acid based fillers Restylane and Juvederm, poly lactic acid based fillers such as Sculptra and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers such as Radiesse. In some cases, multiple fillers can be used in various places in the face to possibly improve the entire facial aesthetic, in a procedure known as a Liquid facelift.