Surgery for a facelift* involves the contraction and realignment of facial and neck skin, and in some instances the removal of excess fat deposits. A facelift is often performed in combination with other facial cosmetic procedures and can be performed any time signs of aging begin to appear. However, patients are generally in their forties or older when they elect to undergo this procedure.

whats the best age to get a facelift

Is a facelift right for you?


What’s the best age to get a facelift?

Throughout life, especially once you reach your 60s, 50s or even 40s, the sun’s radiation, stress, gravity and other factors cause the skin to sag and fit more loosely. Areas of the face and neck, in particular around the jawline, are especially prone to the aging process. Though these changes are gradual, wrinkles and other signs of aging can make individuals “feel older” than they really are.

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If you’ve tried nonsurgical treatments, intense skincare regimens and still aren’t satisfied with your results, you may be ready for a facelift. Facelift surgery offers a long-lasting option, but certainly is not necessary or best for everyone. Once you decide that you’re wanting a firmed look form the neck up, the best nest step would be to setup a consultation with a trusted plastic surgeon that specializes in facelift surgery, like Dr. Lett.

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  • Sagging skin, muscles & fat in the face/neck

  • Excess skin and fat on the neck

  • Sagging jawline

  • Crease lines along the nose, mouth, and chin


The standard procedure for a facelift commonly involves making small incisions just inside the hairline, following the contour in front of the ear, and continuing under the earlobe to the backside of the ear and to the lower scalp. Tissue and fat deposits are separated, the skin is stretched and tightened, and any excess skin is removed. If the neck line requires attention, an additional incision is made under the chin and the same procedure is again followed. Minuscule stitches are used to close the incisions and to reduce any chance of scarring. Metal clips or staples may also be utilized at the hairline.

A face lift may take several hours or longer depending on whether other cosmetic procedures are completed at the same time. Sometimes other procedures may be performed in separate appointments. There are several different facelift techniques that can be employed. Patients can discuss with their physician which method is best for them when they come in for their consultation.


Immediately after surgery, the face is fitted with bandages in order to decrease the recovery time and to reduce swelling. Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing and recovery process. The stitches, clips or staples are normally removed within a week. Patients sometimes report some minor pain associated with surgery. Any discomfort can be treated effectively with oral medication. While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given after the procedure.

should i get a facelift or something less invasive

How do I know which facial treatment to choose?


Around the age of 35, we begin to lose the elastin in our face. As patients age, they’re going to lose both volume and elasticity, so they’ll need both noninvasive and surgical procedures. They’ll need a soft tissue treatment to support the internal structure with skin repositioning. As well as something to treat the epidermis where fine lines and wrinkles occur.

Not ready for a facelift?


Not all patients are ideal candidates for a facelift. Nonsurgical options are available to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume or collagen, and overall skin rejuvenation. At The Lett Center, we offer a variety of aesthetic treatments like PDO threading, facetite® and more. Book a consultation to find out which options are best for you and your skin goals.

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Choosing a facelift surgeon can feel like an overwhelming task at first. Be sure to consult with a trusted, board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic face procedures. You may find that nonsurgical options like FaceTite, PDO threading, or minimally invasive facial procedures may work best for you. Learn more when you book a consultation – call now.


*Individual Results May Vary
The photos on this website are not intended to represent the results that every patient can expect. Surgical results are not guaranteed and can vary greatly from patient-to-patient.
Disclaimer: The information on this site is intended for general purposes only and is not intended to nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Dr. Lett & The Lett Center for Plastic Surgery, Mt. Juliet, TN.

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