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Breast reconstruction surgery is a transformative procedure designed to restore the shape, appearance, and symmetry of the breasts following a mastectomy or lumpectomy. For women facing breast cancer surgery, the knowledge that various reconstructive options are available can be a significant source of comfort and hope. These options primarily fall into two categories: implant-based reconstruction and flap surgery, each offering unique benefits to cater to individual needs and preferences.


  • Restore the shape of breasts.

  • Rebuild breast mound.

  • Improve body image after major physical changes.

  • Improve symmetry of breasts.


Breast reconstruction can be completed through a variety of procedures, all of which will be discussed during your initial consultation. Regardless of the method chosen, the common goal is to restore the breast to a near-normal shape, appearance, and size, closely resembling its form prior to the cancer treatment.

If the implant method is chosen, the procedure will be similar to a standard breast augmentation. Implants are the most common type of reconstruction and can be customized with silicone or saline options in various shapes and sizes to achieve a more natural result. During this procedure, the patient is placed under anesthesia, and an incision is made to insert the breast implant. The breast tissue is then raised, and a pocket is created under the breast tissue or muscle to accommodate the implant.

If the flap method is chosen, the patient’s own tissue will be harvested from other areas of the body and used to reconstruct the breast. This method can reduce the risk of rejection since it uses the patient’s tissue. However, flap procedures are more time-consuming and complex compared to implants, as they involve delicately gathering skin and fat from donor sites on the body to create the new breast.


Post-operative instructions generally emphasize the importance of ample rest and limited movement to expedite healing and reduce recovery time. Immediately after surgery, bandages are applied to support the healing process and minimize breast movement. Once these bandages are removed, patients will need to wear a specialized surgical bra for several weeks to provide necessary support and compression. While some patients may experience minor pain following the surgery, this discomfort is typically manageable with oral medication. Though complications are rare, adhering closely to the physician’s post-surgery guidelines can significantly minimize potential risks and ensure a smoother recovery.

*Individual Results May Vary

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