If you’ve got breasts, then let’s face it, we’ve all been there… the moment when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realize that gravity has taken a toll on your once perky girls.

It can be frustrating and confidence-draining to see your breasts sagging.

There are a lot of options if you are looking to enhance or lift your breasts. Breast augmentation, a breast lift and fat transfers are some of the most common breast enhancement procedures. But there is another breast surgery women are choosing these days or adding on to their breast implant, breast reduction or breast lift procedure called Internal Bra Surgery.

This advanced surgical lifting technique aims to remedy breast sagging by lifting and holding the position and shape of the breasts, just like your favorite underwire push-up bra does– hence the name internal bra.

If you want to lift your droopy breasts and provide years of perky support (even when “Victoria’s Secret” isn’t around to give your girls a pick-me-up)– pour yourself a glass of wine, take off your bra and get comfy.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the internal bra procedure and why it just might be the breast (and confidence) boost you’ve been searching for.

What Is An Internal Bra?

An internal bra, also sometimes called an internal splint, is a scaffold (a piece of absorbable biological mesh) that is surgically placed along the lower portion of your breast, near where your bra’s underwire typically sits, to help strengthen & stabilize tissue, so you feel supported internally after surgery.

Yes, we said absorbable! This mesh material will not remain in the body. It will safely dissolve and go away on its own. This typically happens within 18-24 months, but don’t worry, your girls won’t return to their droopy state once it’s gone.

While the mesh is in place, something magical happens. The native tissue regenerates & grows stronger. This scar tissue then performs the same function that the mesh did and provides long-lasting lift, leaving you with results that last 10+ years!!

How Does Internal Bra Surgery Work?

Internal Bra Surgery doesn’t involve implants of any kind. Essentially, the internal bra technique is a very specialized breast lift. In fact, it’s often described as an alternative to traditional breast lift or breast reduction surgery.

As with other breast surgeries, you’ll be put under general anesthesia for this advanced outpatient procedure. Once you are sound asleep, your plastic surgeon will make an incision around the areola, down the breast, and underneath the breast.

The surgeon will then place the magical lifting mesh scaffold along the lower portion of your breast, under the breast tissue and around the chest wall. This scaffold adds support, mimicking the support of a push-up bra within your own tissue!

The mesh then goes to work over the next year or two, encouraging natural tissue growth. The mesh will safely reabsorb after that time and leave behind natural tissue that slows sagging and provides a firm, youthful long-lasting lift for years to come!

Recovery from internal bra surgery is similar to other breast surgeries. You will return home after a short time in the outpatient recovery room. You should arrange a ride home, as you won’t be able to drive yourself. You might also want someone with you for a few days to help with everyday tasks.

Drains will likely be placed for the first week to reduce swelling and aid healing. You may also need to wear a surgical bra for several weeks. Expect to experience some swelling, bruising and slight discomfort for a few days. But you should be able to return to work after a week, as long as your job isn’t too physically demanding, as you should avoid heavy lifting and limit strenuous activity for about a month.

How is Internal Bra Surgery Different From a Breast Lift?

Internal bra surgery is often compared to traditional breast lift surgery because the goal of both procedures is to lift the breasts. While both surgeries aim to rejuvenate your breasts to a higher and rounder appearance, there are some key differences between the two surgeries.

The internal bra technique typically has less scarring, a faster healing time and lasts longer

than a traditional breast lift. This is because a traditional breast lift uses only the skin envelope for support. In contrast, the internal bra technique uses absorbable synthetic materials to lift your breasts.

This supportive material works kind of like a hammock under your breasts. Once it breaks down and is absorbed by your body, your body’s natural tissue has grown stronger and will prevent your breasts from falling into their previous droopy state.

Due to gravity, some patients start experiencing sagging again after only a few years after a traditional breast lift. This isn’t something that happens with internal bra surgery. The Internal Bra surgery promises results lasting 10+ years!

How is Internal Bra Surgery Different From Breast Augmentation?

There really isn’t a comparison. The two procedures are totally different. Both can create a more symmetrical perkier shape with improved fullness, but breast augmentation doesn’t offer much support.

The primary goal of internal bra surgery is to lift the breasts using an absorbable mesh, whereas implant procedures use silicone or saline implants to add volume and size.

If you are looking for larger breasts, breast augmentation is likely the procedure you want. But if you are satisfied with the fullness and shape of your breasts and are only looking to lift them up, an internal bra may be the best fit for you.

Can Internal Bra Surgery Be Combined With Other Breast Surgeries?

Absolutely! The internal bra procedure is often combined with other surgeries, such as breast augmentation, revision or reduction, as the internal bra places tissues back in their proper orientation, the way the body was designed. This is something no other breast surgery can provide!

The internal bra technique is a great way to improve the stability and shape of your breasts, whether they are natural or implants.

Who Should Consider Internal Bra Surgery?

Breasts do not have internal support, which means gravity and time eventually take their toll on the once-perky breasts of your youth. Several other factors can also cause our breasts to sag, such as weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It doesn’t matter why your breasts are droopy or if you have natural breasts or breast implants, anyone with breast sagging, or that simply wants to have perkier, firmer or fuller breasts can benefit from an internal bra.

There are other reasons besides droopiness that someone might choose to undergo internal bra surgery. Here are a few of the most common:

To Support Large Implants

Sometimes, a patient’s tissue isn’t strong enough to support large implants. In this case, an internal bra can help support the breast implant and tissue to maintain an appropriate shape.

To Help Correct Symmastia

Wrong-sized implants are known to sometimes cause something called symmastia, which is when the implants move close together towards the cleavage resulting in what some call a “uni-boob.” Internal bra surgery might be able to help correct this issue.

To Tighten Implant Pockets

If you had your implants done and the surgeon used a poor surgical technique, this can sometimes displace the implants, resulting in them “bottoming out.” This can also occur due to gravity. Internal bra surgery can help resolve the problem by providing strength and support to the implant pocket, which helps keep the implant in place.

To Improve “Breast Bubbles”

Another complication that can occur with breast augmentation is “double bubble.” This is where a groove forms on the breast underneath the nipple giving the appearance of the breast sitting on top of the implant. Some say that internal bra surgery can help correct this problem.

To Improve Results of Other Breast Surgeries

As mentioned above, the internal bra procedure works differently than other breast surgeries, providing long-lasting lift and support. Therefore, many opt to have internal bra surgery along with breast augmentation, breast reduction, or a traditional breast lift.

Will I Still Need To Wear A Bra After Internal Bra Surgery?

You might be able to toss your strapless and “sticky” bras, but you shouldn’t toss your daily support bra. With an internal bra, your breasts won’t sag and will be higher even when you aren’t wearing a bra, which means when wearing clothing where a bra can’t be worn, your girls will still look perky and fabulous, sans the strapless or stickies!

But an internal bra isn’t a bra, and it’s not meant to replace your daily bra. It is still important to wear a supportive bra since all breasts, even those with the added support of an internal bra, are subject to gravity.

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