Getting plastic surgery can be a great way to enhance your physical appearance and in turn boost your self-confidence. However, it’s important to remember that making the decision to get breast implants—or any other type of cosmetic procedure—shouldn’t be taken lightly.

One of the first steps toward getting breast augmentation surgery involves sitting down with plastic surgeons in Nashville TN for a consultation. This gives your doctor a chance to determine if you’re the right candidate for this procedure, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask any and every question you have in mind.

Here’s what you can expect to discuss at your consultation:

  • Current medications you’re taking
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Likely outcomes of the procedure and any risks or potential complications
  • The recommended course of treatment
  • Why you want breast augmentation and your desired outcome
  • Your medical history, pre-existing health conditions, previous surgeries and drug allergies.

Additionally, your Nashville breast augmentation doctor will examine and measure your breasts and most likely take some photographs, too.

During the consultation, you’ll want to ask some of the following questions:

  • Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • Can I see some before-and-after photos?
  • Have you ever been involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit?
  • How long have you been performing breast augmentation surgeries?
  • How many breast augmentation surgeries do you perform in a month?
  • What breast size do you recommend for my body?
  • Which type of implants are best?

If you’re interested in setting up a breast augmentation consultation in Nashville, you’ll want to choose some of the best board certified plastic surgeons in Tennessee. Contact Earl Dwayne Lett, MD today to set up an appointment and begin taking the steps toward getting the body you’ve always imagined.