The Breast Augmentation Surgery Considerations You Should Make

The most important component of a plastic surgery procedure, especially one pertaining to the breasts, is the final outcome. Although safety, surgeon choice and health issues are also critical in terms of patient care and safety, the end result will stick with someone forever.

Breast augmentation has the ability to enhance body shape if the breasts are too small, increase breast volume after pregnancy and nursing and equalize a difference in breast size. This procedure can also reconstruct breasts following a mastectomy or serious injury.

What to Consider Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

In terms of breast augmentation, there are many considerations that should be taken into account when determining the size, shape and other factors. Keep the following tips in mind if you’re interested in the procedure:

Choose the Right Size

Plastic surgery trends are changing. In previous years, about the last 20 or so, the bigger the breasts the better. Plastic surgery was expensive and unattainable by most. As surgeries change and prices fluctuate, small is now the new big. According to Dr. Sophie Bartsich MD, FACS, “Today, most patients appreciate feeling fuller, more balanced, but essentially just a more blossomed version of themselves.” Whether this size is big or small, be sure it’s what you want. Ultimately, the changes are being made on your body, and your happiness should always be the number one factor.

Go for a Natural Appearance

Being off a size or two in terms of the cups can be the difference between an enhanced figure and an obvious “boob job.” In addition, be sure your surgeon is experienced in breast surgeries. Simply placing the implant in the wrong place or tailoring it incorrectly can create a lopsided or unnatural-looking figure. A natural appearance is most tailored to your natural proportions and future desired outcome.

Pick a Dependable, Experienced Surgeon

As with any major surgery, your plastic surgeon is there to help you field the many surgery types and choices available. An experienced surgeon will be able to help their patient make important breast augmentation surgery considerations, for example, ensuring the breast shape and size that is perfect for their figure. During your consultation, a series of fittings will be determined including width, tissue quality, elasticity, and the amount of breast tissue. Height, frame and other body proportions will also be taken into account during this time. Be sure to choose a surgeon that is both board-certified and experienced in your procedure, no matter what it may be.

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