There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to undergo a plastic surgery procedure or not. For years, many have been under the impression that age is the most important of them all, but new techniques and research is depicting a change.

Although age is not the end-all deciding factor for surgery, it can be a starting point for thinking of a change. Keep the following issues, based on age, in mind when deciding on the surgery that is right for you.

The 30s:

Transitioning from your 20s to your 30s can be a tumultuous time for a few reasons. During this time, your body, especially the skin, will lose some of its youth. In addition, collagen production does begin to slow. With this in mind, prevention is key for a refreshed appearance. Take a look at your face and determine where some of your problem areas may already be emerging. Lines and wrinkles around the mouth, forehead, and eyes may become more apparent during this time. Undergoing smaller, less invasive procedures such as Botox injections or a microdermabrasion treatment may be the best first step to take. In addition, beginning an anti-aging regimen is recommended.

The 40s:

Many of the issues that were present in your 30s such as sun damage, fine wrinkles, and a fuller physical appearance often become more apparent in your 40s. As the face loses some of its youthful fullness and wrinkles become more pronounced around the nose and mouth, steps like Botox should still be considered. In addition, undergoing routine chemical peels or other facial treatments can help keep your skin clear, healthy, and youthful during this time. During the 40s, cellulite has been known to emerge in places most would rather it not, including the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. Undergoing a treatment to correct this may also be considering during this time.

The 50s:

The most noticeable changes will often be made during this time. Sagging of the face and neck are most common, but other body areas such as the arms and stomach may begin to as well. Skin elasticity, maintained by collagen production often slows down to the point where injectable and noninvasive treatments may not be enough to correct it. When this happens, a facelift can help correct some of the changes, and return to the face to its initial healthy, youthful appearance.

Reverse Aging at The Lett Center in Lebanon, TN

At the Lett Center, we believe that there is no exact rule on age. Instead, as said by the Today Show above, we consider a range of factors including overall health, the desired change, and known limitations.