Having a plastic surgery procedure done is often one of the most life-changing moments a patient chooses to undergo. For many, being able to become their best self through a series of small or major physical changes often brings both happiness and a new sense of confidence not felt before.

The Power of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery is a life-changing event, most often for the better. For some patients though, plastic surgery hasn’t turned out the way that they had planned. Although not every mistake can be accounted for or complication can be avoided, there are red flags to keep in mind during the beginning stages which will make the end result the best it can be.

Keep the following four red flags in mind when meeting with your plastic surgeon:

A surgeon who doesn’t listen:

Although surgeons have years of experience in their field and often know the best course of treatment, they should always listen to their patients. Ultimately, your body is just that, yours, and should be respected and treated as such. Be sure your surgeon listens to exactly what you want and delivers many options that will help you achieve results in the best manner possible. If a surgery seems unfit or a method becomes unsafe, be sure your surgeon also delivers this in a way that is both easily understood and sympathetic. As you will spend a lot of time with your surgeon between consultations, surgery and aftercare checkups, ensure you feel completely comfortable with them as well as trust them.


How clean is their office? Are the waiting rooms as well as the patient rooms both clean and orderly? How does the staff make you feel? The overall state of the plastic surgery location should be inviting, clean and bright.

Low pricing:

Although plastic surgery centers do have monthly specials or price reductions, if a price seems too low for the procedure, something may be amiss. “Everybody knows that plastic surgery is not covered by insurance and there’s this big temptation to pick the least expensive surgery, but it is a mistake to pick a doctor solely based on cost,” said Plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Yagoda during a recent “The Today Show” segment. Your safety and wellbeing, as well as happiness, should always remain top concerns.

Trusting your gut:

Often, intuition can tell people a lot about themselves and what their surroundings are like. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t have the surgery in that location and leave right away. Likewise, if you’re unsure of a location, bring a trusted friend or relative along for both moral support and a second opinion.

If you’re interested in learning more about plastic surgery, or have a procedure in mind, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lett of The Lett Center today to discuss your personal options.