As much as you may find yourself obsessing over laugh lines and other creases, the truth is that there are many physical factors that contribute to an aged appearance. Recently, The Huffington Post touched on a few of these characteristics, including one noticeable change that can tack on more years than you’d expect: droopy eyelids.

“As you grow older, your eyelids will stretch and the muscles supporting them will grow weaker,” the news outlet states, adding that “as a result, a surplus of fat may collect above and below your eyelids, causing bags under your eyes and sagging upper lids.”

Puffiness and sagging around the eyes are all-too-common concern for women as they age. In fact, such seemingly ageless starlets as Jane Seymour have openly expressed their frustration about this attribute, and the steps they’ve taken to address it. Last year we reported that Seymour, a former Bond girl who continues to stun in her 60’s, was actually asked by photographers if she would consider eyelid surgery so her photos would not require as many touch ups.

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