How will a breast augmentation change your life?

If you’re interested in a breast augmentation, what should you really be keeping in mind in terms of the ultimate decision? Most experts agree the two most important factors to consider are size of the new breasts and proportion to the rest of the body.

A breast augmentation changes the shape, size and overall appearance of the breasts. Although some may think that the only visible change will be in the breasts themselves, the entire body will look different, as each part plays a role in creating the whole.

During your consultation, balancing the upper torso and the hips will be discussed in terms of body proportion, as well as achieving the overall desired appearance through appropriate breast implant profile and contour. Although a breast augmentation is often characterized by patients wanting to balance appearance proportion, many will seek out a fuller, more round top as compared to the bottom.

How will a breast augmentation affect a patient’s life? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and one that patients themselves think of the most. With the guidance of your surgeon, time will be spent both inside and outside of consultations with sizer implants and sizer bras. By trying out different sizes, patients can have a real sense of how their body will be changed after the surgery. Accommodations such as lifestyle changes, wardrobes and even social activities must be evaluated before a decision is made.

How will your new breasts look in the clothes you own now? Taking the sizer bras or implants home for the weekend can give a great idea of what may change during the weeks after the surgery is completed. During a weekend, patients can take the time to try on different clothes and bra types with the implants and without, to get a better idea of their ultimate desired change.

Once a patient decides what their implant size will be, how the implant will be fit into the chest will then be taken into consideration. Through precise measurements, breast shape and type of augmentation chosen, the surgery will be completed in the best manner possible.

There are many kinds of breast augmentation surgery available. Consider all your options before making a decision today.