Get the look you’ve always desired with a body lift procedure.

A body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is a procedure used to raise and reshape the body. Due to the natural aging process, hereditary predisposition and the effects of gravity, the shape of the body changes over time. Skin loses its elasticity, sagging into unflattering positions, eliminating firmness.






By removing the sagging skin and related fat deposits, a more youthful appearance can be attained. There are many reasons why a patient may choose to undergo a body lift procedure including:

  • Correcting sagging skin and fat due to aging or excessive weight loss
  • Remedying weight gain and stretched skin caused by one or multiple pregnancies.
  • Reshaping the mid-body contour

A body lift can be used on a range of body areas including the lower torso and upper legs, in addition to the outer thighs, hips, buttocks, waist and abdomen.

The specifics of the procedure vary patient to patient depending most often on body type and desired surgical outcome. Usually though, an incision is made following the upper or inner thigh to the waistline. More extensive changes may require the incision to be made completely around the waist and lower back, while adjustments to the buttocks and thighs require an incision at the crease of the buttocks.

After the incision is made, excess skin and fat deposits are removed, with the surgery being completed with the skin being pulled taught into the new configuration. The surgery can last between three and seven hours depending on the extent of the changes.

During a consultation your specific desires will be discussed at length and a specific plan for your surgery will be created.