Would you consider a plastic surgery procedure with your partner?

Plastic surgery is available in all shapes and sizes with the ability to change the appearance of almost any area of the body. Although plastic surgery is often performed to correct a visible issue, reduce the effect of a known medical condition or enhance a chosen location, the pretenses under which it is being performed continue to expand.

Couple’s Plastic Surgery

Why do patients choose to have a plastic surgery procedure performed? One newly emerging reason is having surgery with a significant other.

According to Plastic Surgery Portal, leading surgeons are reporting larger numbers of couples undergoing plastic surgery together, calling it a “major bonding experience.” With today’s emphasis on social media presence and image-heavy documentation, many are choosing to take the plunge together.

What Treatments Are Couples Getting?

The type of procedure many choose to undergo can depend on a range of factors, but one common theme found by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is age.

Many couples in their 20s are exploring the idea of change but at a more minimal level. As the face and body appearance is still evolving during this time, drastic alterations often aren’t completely necessary. Frequently, the woman in the relationship is interested in fillers or other noninvasive options. Then, her significant other follows in her footsteps.

When Do Couples Get Surgery Together?

During their 30s, couples tend to be more worried about their appearance after having children. Many women consider having a “mommy makeover,” a combination of a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction, to give the body its pre-pregnancy appearance. During this time, husbands and significant others become more interested in their appearance as well, wanting to match their partner in terms of looks and self-confidence. When one partner sees the other as happy and healthy, he or she will likely want to achieve the same state of mind.

The 40s bring their own set of issues and desires. Some effects of aging appear, so many decide to undergo rejuvenating procedures. This includes Botox and fillers, eyelid lifts and other facial augmentations. Once in their 50s, couples lean toward facelifts and other more extensive procedures.

When couples undergo a procedure, or multiple, the time off together and the shared experience can strengthen the relationship.

Whether you’re interested in your own procedure, or learning more with a partner, figuring out what change you’re most interested in first is essential.