The cheeks and chin are responsible for much of the contouring of the facial appearance.

As people age, many lose a fair amount of their facial density, causing their appearance to change drastically in a short amount of time. The cheekbones, as well as the chin, are the most photogenic aspects of the face, enhancing its overall appearance.







Potential patients may consider undergoing a surgery to:

  • Accent the overall appearance
  • Bring the various aspects of the face into proportion.
  • Create a more defined facial profile if the jaw, chin or cheeks lack major distinction.
  • Extend or enlarge the chin if the chin has recessed or is too small compared to the rest of the facial anatomy.
  • Round out the cheeks if they have become hollow due to hereditary issues or aging.

A chin implant, known as a mentoplasty, enables facial contouring and shaping. Although the chin is a small aspect of the entire face, it can have a great effect on overall appearance. Cheek implants, also known as malar (high cheek) or submalar (low cheek) augmentation, add fullness and definition to the face in comparison. By combining the two, patients can gain a more rejuvenated, youthful profile.

During a chin surgery, an implant is inserted in the front of the jawbone, augmenting the chin or jaw. A small incision is then made inside the mouth, enabling the implant to be positioned in the pocket beneath the skin. In comparison, a cheek augmentation is performed by making incisions on either side of the mouth through the lower cheek or directly below the bottom eyelid on the higher cheek.

These procedures can last anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour. Take back control of your appearance today by exploring your plastic surgery options.