Don’t let shaving get you down, invest in laser hair reduction instead.

Although laser hair removal may cause you to think of beach days, warmer weather and tropical vacations, it can be great for this time of year too! With the flannel sheets on the bed, a smooth feel can enhance your sleeping, surprise a partner or be just for you.

How does laser hair removal actually work?

This technology targets follicles with a focused laser beam, heating the pigment at the root of the hair and damaging it in the process. Although the laser targets and destroys current hair follicles, the hair can grow back in the event of hormone or weight fluctuations but often takes a while to develop. For the most part, however, the hair will fail to grow back. More than one session is required to achieve optimal results.

During each removal session, the average amount of hair that is in its active stage is affected, which can change between sessions. This is why many patients undergo numerous sessions to ensure their desired results are met.

Different hair colors can be more difficult to eliminate depending on the patient and their ultimate desire. Blonde, gray or red hair may be more difficult to treat than brunette or blonde. In addition, skin tone can also have an effect on the results. Laser hair removal can be used on almost every skin type ranging from very light-skinned to dark.

The actual process can last anywhere between five minutes and an hour depending on the body area, how much hair will be removed and what the patient ultimately desires. Each hair is eliminated in milliseconds, which is why many people actually choose to invest in the process.

Although laser hair removal is great for many different body areas, the eyes, upper cheeks and temples are not included. As the hair removal is made by a laser, it is not safe to have one that close to the eyes.

Many patients new to the procedure have one main question: Does it hurt? The answer varies on who may be asked, with many in agreement that it doesn’t not hurt. The pain is similar to what snapping a rubber band against the skin would feel like. The discomfort is momentary, only causing pain when the hair is actually be zapped. After the hair is removed, you may experience additional discomforts such as redness or puffiness.

At The Lett Center, there are two forms of treatment available, Candela® GentleYAG and GentleLASE. During November, laser hair reduction is currently 50 percent off.

Take advantage of smooth, silky skin today with a laser hair reduction procedure. And if you’re interested in skin resurfacing treatments, click here to learn more about our Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments.