5 Cosmetic “Tweakment” Trends Friends Are Doing

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Have you noticed a few of your friends looking fabulous lately? Do they seem to age in reverse? You may wonder if it’s genetics or if they have found a great skincare routine or fantastic beauty brand. While these two options play a role in youthful skin, people are taking another route to achieve a look that doesn’t age. Their secret may very well be cosmetic “tweakments.” While they are kept more on the hushed side, tweakment cosmetic trends are on the rise in the aesthetic beauty industry and in Nashville, TN.


A tweakment is different from plastic surgery because the results are near immediate, and there is little to no downtime. These cosmetic procedures use only tiny changes to your face and body to give small enhancements that balance the face but aren’t apparent to others. Instead of going overboard with fillers or cosmetic surgery that are highly noticeable, beauty trends are headed toward enhancements that are less obvious, even natural.

1. Tweak your smile with Botox

Most people think Botox is only for fine lines and wrinkles and that it will “freeze” your face. Talented board-certified dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons know this is far from the case!

If you have a gummy smile, Botox is a quick fix. By injecting the product just under the nostrils, the upper lip will lose some of its ability to contract and pull the lip too far above the teeth. The relaxed muscle will drop down a little lower, thus fixing a gummy smile. While Botox is not a permanent solution, it will last about half a year, depending on your body, and is noninvasive. This tweakment uses a minimal amount of product, making it affordable to keep up.

Another use for Botox on lips is to obtain a more “pouty” look. The product is placed above your upper lip, relaxing the muscle just a little bit. When the muscle relaxes, your lip will turn up to create that full pout aesthetic. This can be a great way to give your lips a little boost without using a dermal filler. While fillers can have fantastic results, someone wanting a more natural look may opt for this smaller and more affordable tweakment.

2. Change Your Face Shape with Botox

You read that right! It is possible to change the shape of your face without a facelift. If you want to soften a strong jawline or thin out a round face, you don’t always need a facelift to do it! By injecting Botox into the masseter muscles on each side of the face, muscles will relax, and your face shape will begin to change. This treatment isn’t immediate, but within a month or two, you will start to see the effects.

With additional treatments over time, the muscle loses bulk, and your slimming can be taken even further. Changing your face shape using Botox is noninvasive but is also not permanent. Upkeep will be needed every 3-4 months to stop the masseter muscles from bulking back up to their original size and shape.

3. Get a Non-Surgical Nose Job with Fillers and Botox

Gone are the days of not liking your nose and having only the option of surgery (a rhinoplasty) to correct its shape. Now with Botox and fillers, the nose shape can be changed without surgery. If the nose is a little crooked or has a bump, an injectable filler can create the illusion of symmetry or fill in around the bump to make the nose appear straighter. In a way, it’s like permanent contour makeup as it changes the appearance.

With age, the maxilla bone can start to pull in and, in turn, pull the tip of the nose downward. This change can make your nose look longer in pictures and, with social media, this is something most want to avoid. A tiny amount of Botox applied right at the base of the nose can help the tip of your nose lift back up again.

Sarah’s Success with Post Baby Mommy Makeover

Sarah came to The Lett Center after having a baby, when she noticed she was losing volume in her face. She was looking for options to restore her facial volume and found great results using injectable fillers from Juvederm. Tiny amounts of filler were injected in several different areas of her face – lips, eyes and cheekbone area, nasal labial folds and temples). Sarah was satisfied to leave The Lett Center with a more youthful appearance. See Sarah’s testimony of her cosmetic “tweakment” by clicking here.

The Lett Center before and after image of injectable fillers as a comsetic tweakmen in Mt Juliet and Lebanon.png

4. Get Rid of Under Eye Bags with Filler

There is only so much that creams, beauty products, and makeup can do for sunken in under eyes or puffy bags. With age comes a natural loss of volume under the eye and wrinkles. Using an injectable hyaluronic acid filler, your cosmetic surgeon will fill in the under-eye hollowness, which restores a youthful, fresh look.

A tear trough filler is a delicate treatment, so make sure you choose an experienced doctor and don’t go cheap with a Groupon to any doctor. This tweakment will help you look less tired and a bit younger without making a drastic change to your facial features.

5. Plump Your Lips with Fillers – High Cosmetic Trend

In the past, lip fillers have been overdone, which has given them a bad name. We have all seen images of celebrities with lumpy lips, a top lip that hangs over too far, or just too much product used. When done carefully, lip fillers can have beautiful results that can look natural.

The amount of plump you wish to get is based on preference, but a natural look can be achieved with the right ratio. Leonardo Da Vinci’s “divine” mathematical ratio of 1 to 1.618 is also applied to lip filler aesthetics. While you can choose a different lip ratio based on preference, this ratio will enhance your lips with natural proportions that are balanced. The proportions will, of course, depend on your facial features and each individual may have a slightly different need for product amount and placement.

Easy “Tweakments” in Mt Juliet and Lebanon, TN

Did you know The Lett Center specializes in advanced treatments for Botox, facelifts, and microneedling in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon?

If you are interested in getting some tweakments of your own, contact our talented team at our med spa in Mt. Juliet or Lebanon, Tennessee. Call 615.443.0901 to schedule an appointment for dermal fillers, Botox, or to find out more about other cosmetic procedures we offer that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. The Lett Center in Tennessee also offers top brand cosmetic products for your beauty and personal care once you leave our office.

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