Cosmetic Fillers: Aesthetic Micro-Optimizations With High Impact

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Current plastic surgery trends are giving people the option to look flawlessly filtered in real life and in their selfies. These days, less is more when it comes to cosmetic procedures. If you are wondering how so many are enhancing their look, while not looking like they have received cosmetic surgery, welcome to the world of micro-optimizations cosmetic treatments. Using dermal fillers of many varieties and botox, consumers can tweak their facial features to improve their appearance without others even realizing what changed.

This type of beauty enhancement has quietly become mainstream. Find out what others are doing with micro-optimizations to cosmetically enhance their beauty.


In the past, it was common for enhancements to be disproportionate to the patient’s body and features. Previously, these norms of seeing women with very obvious cosmetic enhancements, like very large breasts and overfilled lips have given cosmetic procedures a bad name. Currently, our practitioners create works of art by applying enhancements delicately. The structure of the face is not drastically changed, instead, tweaks create more balance and enhance the natural beauty that patients already possess.

With small enhancements, over time, it is very common for friends of patients to not even realize what change happened. As a result, they only notice that a person looks more young and vibrant. As you can see, tweaks like these can give someone more confidence in the way they look without being obvious that they had any work done.


Botox has many uses beyond forehead lines and wrinkle reduction. Additionally, Botox injections are FDA approved and doctors use it for ailments like neck spasms, excessive sweating, lazy eye, and even chronic migraines. The word “injections” might seem scary, however, getting Botox is minimally invasive. In fact, there are no cuts and it is injected right where it is needed. Furthermore, topical anesthetics can be applied to make the process more comfortable.

botox and dermal fillers

Check out these other ways plastic surgeons and nurse practitioners use Botox for beauty enhancements:

Nose Lift

When injected into the base of the nose, the nasal tip can raise up. As a result, this tiny injection can create rhinoplasty-like results with no downtime. The depressor muscle that brings the tip of the nose down is released giving it a lifted and lighter look. Sometimes, an injection will be made above and below the nose center bump that can straighten out a nose that has a hooked appearance.

Lip Lift

Botox can give lips a pouty appearance and make them look more full without adding additional filler mass. This micro-optimization is often referred to as a “lip flip.” Specifically, injections are made around the lip line to relax the muscles. As these muscles relax, the lip rolls outward and creates the illusion of a bigger lip. This might sound scary, but only the superficial layers of the muscle are targeted, so you will still have muscle function.

Facial Lift

This is a much less invasive procedure than a surgical facelift. By injecting Botox into certain parts of the muscle that surrounds the eye, it lifts the tail of the eyebrow. This subtle lift in the eyebrow helps the eyes appear more wide and open.

If you suffer from eyelid droopiness, it can help lift this skin, as well. Specifically, this injectable is used to combat signs of aging. For example, the “eleven” and horizontal forehead wrinkles. Additionally, Botox facial lifts also elongate the forehead slightly. As a result, this elongated space appears smooth and wrinkle-free.

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Facial Slimming

It is possible to make your face look thinner with Botox. The muscles around your jaw can give your face a square appearance, especially if you clench or grind your teeth. By injecting into the masseter muscle, or the muscle around the jaw, the muscles will relax and your face will appear more narrow.


This may be a treatment you have never heard of that many are using as a tool for keeping great hair and prolonging their blowout. When you work out or sweat during the summer months, oil and dampness get into the hair causing it to curl or get wavy. By injecting Botox into the scalp, sweating is stopped in its tracks. The neurotransmitter that turns on your sweat glands won’t activate, keeping your scalp from getting sweaty and uncomfortable.

Botox is not permanent which can make it a great option to try out a new cosmetic look without taking the plunge for a permanent invasive procedure. Botox is minimally invasive and safe when administered by an experienced doctor or nurse, like the ones at The Lett Center. It has few side effects, but you may experience a headache, pain, and swelling at the injection site that will subside. If you have an allergic reaction to cow’s milk, you should not use Botox.


When you think of fillers, you most likely think of lip fillers first. This can be the most obvious use, depending on the look the client wishes to have. But there are so many ways dermal fillers are being used in off-label ways that you would likely never notice.

  • Nasolabial Folds: The corner of the nose to the mouth can be one of the first noticeable areas that show age. As the cheeks and jowls sag, a crease will form and these smile lines will deepen. Filler injections into these folds will smooth the skin and reduce their appearance.
  • Tear Troughs: With age, many will experience a hollowing near the lower eyelid and above the cheek. This lost volume can cause dark shadows or bags to form under the eyes. By injecting a filler (often Restylane which is a hyaluronic acid filler) into the tear trough, the areas filled with under-eye bags are minimized.
  • Sagging earlobes: If you have worn heavy earrings throughout your life your earlobes may have become wrinkled and saggy. Even age and the natural loss of fat can make earlobes look old. Fillers are used to plump up the earlobes and return them to their youthful-looking state. Not many would even guess fillers would be used for earlobes, so it is a great and subtle way to reverse signs of aging.

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