Eyelid procedure is one of most common cosmetic operations for Asian-Americans

An eyelid procedure known as “Asian blepharoplasty” is one of the most common plastic surgery operations for Asian-Americans, according to a recent report on National Public Radio (NPR). The treatment typically involves creating a “double eyelid,” like some Asians and most non-Asians naturally have. In contrast, about one in two people of Asian descent have a “monolid,” without a crease in the skin above the eye.

Some Asian-Americans with single lids decide to have plastic surgery to achieve a more open-eyed affect, while others have it for medical reasons — for example, to alleviate vision issues caused by too-heavy lids. We previously shared on this blog how journalist and television personality Julie Chen had the procedure early in her career, after a news director told her that her low eyelids sometimes made her appear disinterested on camera.

If you are a man or woman of Asian descent who is interested in achieving a more open-eyed, alert look with a subtly enhanced lid crease, then this type of procedure might be right for you. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, typically involves making tiny incisions, which generally leave no visible scarring, to create the desired results. People of all ethnic and racial backgrounds also have variations on this procedure to look younger and more awake. The treatment can tighten loose or sagging skin and address puffiness and wrinkling around the eyes.

Because it is a major operation, you should be sure to only consult with a highly skilled, reputable and board certified plastic surgeon like Dwayne Lett, M.D., when considering eyelid surgery. Contact The Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, today to schedule an initial consultation.