It is widely known that, for women working in the public eye, looks matter. Even the field of broadcast journalism – where the news should, in theory, take precedence over appearance – countless controversies have cropped up over female anchors being let go and replaced by younger, tauter counterparts. The intense degree of scrutiny that women in this industry undergo has even led some to take dramatic steps to alter or enhance their appearance for the sake of their audience.

On a recent episode of “The Talk,” famed TV personality Julie Chen admitted that she went under the knife years before to further her career. Chen, a Chinese-American, said she had been told by a superior in Dayton, Ohio, that her looks weren’t relatable to the local population, and that she came across as disinterested on screen. Chen was just 25 years old at the time and had yet to make it big professionally, so when various agents echoed her colleague’s sentiments, she decided to get eyelid surgery to make her eyes appear larger.

Since then, Chen has enjoyed tremendous professional success, though it is of course unclear whether her advancement was related to her cosmetic alterations. She told her co-hosts on “The Talk” that she questions her decision on occasion, but ultimately has decided not to look back.

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