Report: ‘Selfies’ motivating more teens to get plastic surgery

We have previously discussed on this blog reports that more Americans are getting plastic surgery to look better in “selfies.” Now, according to a story from Boston’s Fox affiliate, the trend is extending to teens as well.

“I would definitely enhance my cheekbones and have this area more defined,” a 19-year-old named Louise tells the source. “I would raise my eyebrows a little bit more in order to have a more sensual look.”

Louise says that not only do her friends feel similarly, but many of them have already had cosmetic treatments to improve their looks. The young Massachusetts woman points to Kim Kardashian as the queen of the selfie, saying that there is an art to looking your best in a camera phone photo.

According to a study from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), conducted earlier this year, one in three American plastic surgeons reported that they have noticed a spike in procedure requests thanks to social media. While some analysts criticize the trend, there is no doubt that it is reflective of our cultural and societal reality. While, in days of yore, one could hide or throw away a bad photo, now all images of us can live online indefinitely. This means it is increasingly important that we look like the best versions of ourselves in every casual snapshot.

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