Previously on this blog, we’ve touched on the role that social media websites and video chat capabilities have played in the rise of cosmetic surgery across the country. Thanks to Facebook, Snapchat and other outlets, we are confronted with our image now more than ever before – and from almost every possible angle. Because of this, personal appearance and professional success have become increasingly intertwined, and men and women in Tennessee are becoming all the more aware of the sagging skin and wrinkles they may not have noticed otherwise.

In fact, the connection between online presence and outward appearance has become so pronounced that a new cosmetic surgery trend called the “Facebook facelift” has taken off in India. According to a report released by Vocativ, a media startup, a growing number of 20- and 30-somethings in India are investing in cosmetic procedures including nose jobs, chin implants, laser hair removal, and chemical peels to appear more attractive online.

“When someone is talking on Skype or any other kind of social media network, what you see is the movement of the chin when the lips move,” plastic surgeon Dr. Anip Dhir said in the video, explaining that this has likely spurred the demand for chin implants – particularly among men.

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