While it’s easy to get preoccupied with laugh lines, dark spots and crow’s feet, the truth is women in Tennessee have another issue to worry about in the bid to retain their youthful appearance. Earlier this year, the style publication W Magazine touched on the issue of “deflation” – or the natural volume loss in the face that occurs as women grow older.

California dermatologist Ava Sham­ban spoke to the media outlet about this phenomenon, and how it can dramatically alter a woman’s appearance in a way that may not be immediately apparent.

“By age 50 or 60, [Shamban] says, most of us have lost around 20 percent of our facial bone and fat, and as a result, our faces sag and look gaunt – not unlike a pillowcase over a shrunken cushion,” the source reports.

Anyone who has ever lost a lot of weight or has noticed a bit of crepiness around their neck can testify that loose skin is the mortal enemy of a fresh, vibrant appearance. Skin naturally loses its elasticity over time as well, making this volume loss all the more noticeable.

So, what can women do to address this concern? Consider consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon about dermal fillers and other injectables that have been specifically developed to help restore a youthful and attractive volume to areas of the face where this volume loss has taken place. For more information about these procedures, and other treatments including Botox injections, contact the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, today.