From butt augmentations to dermal fillers, the scope of plastic surgery continues to expand, making it possible for women in Tennessee to alter almost anything about their appearance. But, what if plastic surgery could actually control your destiny?

According to a recent report from the Daily Beast, that is exactly what some Japanese patients believe. The news outlet states that a growing number of men and women across the island nation are turning to cosmetic surgeons to alter their fates by restructuring the lines across their palms.

Taking cues from the art of palmistry, patients have flocked to plastic surgeon Dr. Takaaki Matsuoka to reshape marriage, money and romance lines, among others, all in an attempt to improve what lies ahead.

Dr. Matsuoka has reportedly performed at least 20 palm surgery procedures since 2011, and notes that the effects can be transformative, even if they just act as a placebo.

“If people think they’ll be lucky, sometimes they become lucky,” he told the media outlet.

Whether you believe in palmistry or the concept of destiny in general, it’s undeniable that the way you feel about yourself and your future can dramatically impact how you act. If you feel self-conscious about some aspect of your figure, for example, you may be more likely to stay out of the spotlight and miss out on potentially life-changing opportunities.

However, if a cosmetic procedure like breast implants or a tummy tuck can help you feel empowered, then that boost in confidence could make all the difference in the risks you’re willing to take – and the success you ultimately enjoy.

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