There are a range of facial implant choices available for specific patient desires. Both cheek and chin implants have been long-sought-after procedures for a more youthful appearance. The latest magazine covers and television shows often depict men and women with high cheek bones and strong jaw lines.

A chin surgery, or menoplasty, is a procedure to reshape the chin by enhancing it with an implant or reducing it by removing part of the bone. A chin surgery can shape and contour the overall appearance of the face.

Reasons to have chin surgery include:

  • Bringing various aspects of the face into proportion
  • Creating a more defined facial profile
  • Enlarging or reducing chin size based on patient preference.

Chin surgery is performed by inserting an implant in front of the jawbone to change the size or shape of the chin and/or jaw. A small incision can either be made inside the mouth or below the chin.

There are two types of cheek implants, or malarplasty, procedures. High cheek (malar) and low cheek (submalar) surgeries are done to enhance the facial profile using proportion and balance while adding fullness and definition.

Reasons to have cheek implants include:

  • Accenting the upper cheeks by making them appear higher and fuller
  • Bringing various aspects of the face into proportion
  • Creating more defined cheekbones
  • Rounding out hollow cheeks due to hereditary changes or aging.

Both of these procedures normally last between 30 minutes and one hour. The recovery process includes rest, elevation of the head and limited movement. More information on the recovery process can be found here.

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