According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 14 million plastic surgery procedures were performed across the United States in 2012, signifying a 5 percent increase from 2011. Recently, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, co-host of the talk show  “The Doctors”, sat down with “Fox & Friends” to discuss this increasing popularity of facelifts, nose jobs, liposuction and more.

Plastic surgery without question has sort of come out of the closet, so to speak. It’s out in the public, people want to hear about it,  probably because so many celebrities are open [about it],” he explained.

In response to a question about the procedures that most commonly resulted in complications, Dr. Ordon noted that the vast majority of these treatments go well, provided that patients choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who routinely performs their chosen surgery.

“If it wasn’t consistent, good, predictable results, we wouldn’t be doing it,” he noted.

Plastic surgery has grown astronomically more common in the last few years, sparking a rise in the number of professionals eager to meet this demand. However, women in Tennessee who are interested in a breast augmentation or nose job should be wary that not everyone who offers these services is qualified to perform them.

Even relatively non-invasive treatments like Botox injections and dermal fillers have the potential to go awry if the individual administering them has not been properly trained. That’s why it is so essential to enlist a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Lett. Contact the Lett Center today to find out more about these transformative enhancements.