While women do make up roughly 90 percent of plastic surgery patients, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, every year seems to see a rise in the number of men opting for a nip and tuck. Burgeoning trends like “Brotox” and chin implants have made it clear that males everywhere are starting to invest more in their appearance and may even be turning to these cosmetic enhancements to further their careers.

The Huffington Post recently highlighted the fact that several male celebrities have gone under the knife, and – most notably – have willingly admitted they’ve had work done. According to the news outlet, Simon Cowell, former “American Idol” judge and world-famous curmudgeon, says that Botox injections are a regular part of his anti-aging routine.

Howard Stern, another often controversial figure who has recently transformed his public image as a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” has reportedly gotten a nose job and also invested in liposuction to improve the definition of his chin.

So what does this mean for men who are considering plastic surgery? Simply that they should not feel ashamed for getting a bit self-conscious about they way they look. After all, just as women are bombarded with images of perfectly proportioned and wrinkle-free models, males also have impossibly sculpted stars they are forced to compare themselves to.

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