As Cher so delicately put it in a recent interview with The New York Times, anyone who says they like aging “is lying.” Why else would so many women in Tennessee invests in countless creams, cleansers and other cosmetic enhancements to keep forehead creases and sagging skin at bay?

Because of this ever-present demand, each day seems to bring with it a new array of beauty products that claim to counter those frustrating frown lines. In fact, one contributor to Marie Claire has even turned to her children’s soaps, shampoos and lotions in a bid to keep her hair and skin looking more youthful.

Zibby Right, a mother of 5-year-old twins, confessed in a piece earlier this year that she had initially reached for the bottle of kids’ two-in-one shampoo and soap in the shower. She discovered that her skin felt supple and smooth afterward. After consulting her dermatologist, she found she was not the only one sneaking dollops of her children’s toiletries to achieve this effect.

However, though products aimed at children may be more gentle – which potentially accounts for that delicate, supple feel – many women can testify that they are by no means a cure-all for loose skin and fine lines that have already formed. If you’ve noticed that sun exposure, stress and other factors have taken a toll on your youthful appearance, consider consulting the cosmetic specialists at the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee about treatments. In addition to plastic surgery, we also specialize in dermal fillers, injectables and rejuvenating treatments including chemical peels.