While so many famous faces come and go – particularly in the world of popular music – there are few stars who truly have staying power. Cher is undoubtedly one of them. The statuesque 67-year-old has remained an icon from one decade to the next, and her fanbase shows no sign of wavering. Whatever you may think of throaty voice and eccentric style, it’s undeniable that the Oscar-winner has enjoyed an incredible and incomparable career.

During her recent performance on the musical competition “The Voice,” Cher made it clear that she is as bold and indulgent as ever when it comes to outlandish looks. With a new album soon to be released, she sat down with The New York Times this week to talk about her expansive career, her family and her penchant for cosmetic enhancements.

When discussing her “famously wrinkle-free visage,” Cher candidly expressed her views on aging.

“I don’t like it. Anyone who says they do is lying. Or they don’t have my work.”

She admitted that her forays in plastic surgery have given her a striking, curiously ageless look that make it nearly impossible to play any role other than herself, but, by undergoing those procedures, she has also managed to stay true to who she is and how she feels.

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