Combination Plastic Surgery: Tummy Tuck & Breast Surgery

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Transform Your Body with Combination Plastic Surgery: Tummy Tuck with Breast Surgery

Have you been considering a plastic surgery procedure or cosmetic enhancement? You may have even been looking into more than one! Many people have elected to receive multiple cosmetic procedures throughout their life. With technological advances, it is possible to combine more than one cosmetic surgery into one session. A common surgery combination women choose to transform their body is a tummy tuck and breast surgery. Read on to find out if a combination treatment would be right for you!

What are the benefits of combining plastic surgery treatments? 

There are a few reasons to get more than one cosmetic procedure at the same time. 

Recovery Time for Combining Tummy Tuck with Breast Surgery

You may have only a limited time you can take off of work, or you have children that need your care. By combining your cosmetic procedures, you can minimize the total amount of recovery time needed into one. You will have limited mobility of the treatment areas, with some overlap depending on the types you choose, so getting all the healing done at once can be very appealing. Talk to your doctor about combination treatments. In some cases, your recovery time may be extended with a more complicated healing process. You also will be recovering from pain in multiple regions of your body, and this could adversely affect your health.

Combined Anesthesia

Every time you go under anesthesia, you run the risk of complications. Side effects can involve nausea and vomiting, a sore throat, postoperative delirium, muscle aches, itching, and chills. More rare and severe complications can be nerve damage and malignant hyperthermia. Anesthesia and the skilled professionals who administer it also add to your cosmetic surgery cost. By combining surgeries, you can decrease this necessary cost of cosmetic surgery.

Lower Cost

As briefly mentioned above, combining surgeries into one visit can reduce costs. You will pay fees for the operating room, the anesthesiologist, and other related surgery fees. Some fees are based on time, and combining prep and after surgery recovery into one will help to lower the price. In some cases, your surgeon may offer a price reduction if you opt to combine your cosmetic surgeries, as well. 

Better Results

When you combine procedures, you can have better and more noticeable results. Getting a tummy tuck procedure along with breast implants or a breast reduction surgery can maximize your body contouring results. 

When Should You Have Breast Surgery?

If you are done having children and are ready to transform your body and make it yours once again, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at The Lett Center in Lebanon or Mt. Juliet can help. While getting only one of these procedures can vastly help you get your body back the way you want, combining them can give you fantastic aesthetic results. 

DIEP Flap Surgery: Tummy Tuck with Breast Surgery

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure used to thin the waistline, remove excess skin, and excess fat. Its technical term is abdominoplasty. Your vertical abdominal muscles will also be tightened if they have separated. Separated muscles are a common occurrence after childbirth.

A tummy tuck can be beneficial to those wishing to improve their stomach contours due to age, pregnancy, prior surgery, hereditary tissue placement, or significant reductions of weight. While the skin does shrink over time, in some of these circumstances, it does not fully tighten. Scar tissue from prior surgeries and stretch marks may also be removed during a tummy tuck surgery if they happen to lay on the area of skin that will be excised. 

A breast procedure can encompass many different cosmetic desires. The size and shape of breasts is a personal choice, and each person opting for this procedure will have different aesthetic goals. A woman may have had breast cancer and wishes to reconstruct her breasts with implants. Others may have developed large breasts from pregnancy and opt for a lift of the natural breast. For adding shape and mass, your cosmetic surgeon can recommend the type of implant that would work best to achieve your desired look.

What is it like to combine a tummy tuck with breast surgery?

The combination of a tummy tuck with breast surgery is often referred to as a “mommy makeover,” but anyone wishing for better stomach and breast contours can benefit from this combo. Combining these surgeries can save you around 2 weeks of recovery time compared to doing them separately. By getting the procedures at the same time, you can enjoy a complete result quicker and begin enjoying your final enhanced features right after recovery. Your surgeon will be able to sculpt your stomach and breasts at the same time to ensure their shapes are complimentary. This can even be performed in conjunction with breast reconstruction surgery.

mommy makeover

During recovery, you may be advised to spend two weeks in bed, and full recovery can take around three months. To avoid damaging muscles and healing incisions, you will not be able to pick up more than 25 lbs. During the first couple of weeks of healing time, you will need someone to assist you with everyday tasks. Even getting out of bed to use the restroom will require help.

Depending on your job, you may need to be assigned new tasks, and if you have small children, you will need to enlist round the clock help. Before surgery, prepare your recovery area with bottles of water, wash clothes, any medications you filled prior, and some easy to eat snacks. Placing extra pillows and body pillows can help support your body and keep you comfortable as you rest. You must not rush your body through recovery, so be prepared to listen to your doctor and your body and rest as long as needed. 

Visit The Lett Center in Mt. Juliet for Aesthetic Solutions

If you have decided that a combination tummy tuck and breast surgery procedure is right for you, give The Lett Center a call at 615-443-0901. Our board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lett,  is experienced in providing clients fantastic body contouring results. Our team can advise you whether you should combine your tummy tuck with a breast lift or even add an augmentation along with it. No matter what your aesthetic goals, there are combination surgical procedures that can help you get your dream body. 

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