It’s a widely held misconception that Botox treatments may actually prevent you from conveying your emotions through facial expressions. While it’s true that these injections restrict the movement of your muscle in this area – thereby smoothing out wrinkles and preventing the formation of deeper creases – in the hands of a trained professional, they can enhance your appearance without turning your face into a mask.

A new study has revealed that allowing these fine lines to form may be even more obstructive in this area. According to LiveScience, scientists from Pennsylvania State University recruited a group of participants to look at photographs of 64 individuals of varying ages. They were then asked to gauge the emotions expressed in each image.

Even though the source reports that every individual pictured was instructed to take on a “neutral expression,” the study participants assigned higher degrees of anger and sadness to older people with more pronounced facial wrinkles.

“Wrinkles on the face can cause the mouth to drop and the forehead to crinkle, features that others may misperceive as anger or sadness,” the source states.

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