Last month, we recommended showing your mother just how much you care by treating her to a mommy makeover. This selection of cosmetic enhancements, which typically consists of a tummy tuck and breast lift among other procedures designed to turn back the clock, can help any mother reconnect with her femininity.

Women are well-known for being open about their looks – particularly if they’re frustrated with certain areas. However, have you ever wondered if your dad has a few physical hang-ups? While it’s true that women account for about 90 percent of plastic surgery clients, men are slowly becoming more comfortable with the concept of expressing their insecurities and taking proactive steps to address them.

In this vein, the New York Daily News found that more dads are starting to ask for cosmetic enhancements – ranging from Botox to neck lifts – for Father’s Day from year to year.

Facial injections, liposuction, and other procedures can help anyone feel more confident – whatever their gender. So, this year, why not sit down with your dad and candidly ask if there’s anything he’d like to treat himself to – whether it’s a facial or even a full facelift. He may never have brought up the issue without your prodding, and you could discover a way to truly make your dad feel his best this Father’s Day.

If your dad is a bit apprehensive about these procedures, why not book a joint trip to the Lett Center for a bit of pampering at our medi-spa? It’s a great way to share some quality time – and you’ll both look great as a result!