The Importance of Using A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons for Injections

It’s common for people who are interested in dermal fillers or Botox to wonder why they should use the services of a plastic surgeon. Anyone can give a few injections, right? While pretty much anyone can stick a needle into your body, plastic surgeons are trained to perform such procedures accurately and prevent infection. If you are still unsure of the benefit of using a physician, you don’t need to look further than the case of Nohemi Gonzalez.

Consequences for Unlicensed Providers

In October, Gonzalez was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license for injecting people with liquid silicone, claiming it was Botox, out of her home in Hidalgo County, Texas, Reuters reports. She could also face additional charges if police confirm that one of her client’s death was related to the silicone treatments.

Hidalgo is on the Texas-Mexico border, and many of Gonzalez’s clients were undocumented immigrants who could either not afford or were afraid to see an American doctor. Hidalgo County authorities became aware of the illegal “plastic surgery” practice when one of Gonzalez’s victims sought treatment from a Mexican doctor for a burning sensation in her legs after having the injections. The Mexican physician sent her to a South Texas hospital to have substance removed.

Because liquid silicone has been banned since 1991, the hospital called in law enforcement officials to investigate. They soon found Gonzalez’s Spanish-language advertisements that claimed that her treatments could reduce wrinkles and add volume to their buttocks and legs.

Treatments like injections and fillers have very little risk of complications when they are performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. If you’re interested in cosmetic treatments, contact The Lett Center‘s experienced staff today.