According to some estimates, up to 1 million Americans have or will travel abroad for medical treatment this year. A significant portion of these people are electing to have plastic surgery. Their reasons range from affordability to just wanting to combine surgery with a vacation.

Because of the latter reason, many U.S. plastic surgeons expect there to be a rise in the number of people who will be having plastic surgery outside the country. While a few patients will be satisfied with the results, many more will inevitably be seeking the help of American doctors to fix botched procedures, according to New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Greenberg.

“I’ve seen a lot of patients for breast augmentation and tummy tucks come back with severe infections and scarring,” Greenberg told Metro. “I see two or three patients a month, at least, who have a problem from an outside country.”

While major complications are Greenberg’s biggest concern, he said that many of his patients were simply dissatisfied with the results. Cheap surgery often results in issues like uneven breasts or excessive scarring, he added.

Most U.S.-based plastic surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In order to obtain these certifications, physicians must prove that they are competent in their profession and must continue to stay educated about the latest advances in plastic surgery for the duration of their careers. Most foreign doctors cannot guarantee that level of skill and knowledge.

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