According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Botox treatment was by and large the most popular minimally-invasive procedure performed in 2012, with doctors giving over 6 million injections last year. In the same period, only 120,000 people had facelifts. Although each option has its advantages, there must be a reason why one is much more popular than the other.

In an article written for the ASPS blog, San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. John Alexander gave the following reasons why there has been a dramatic increase in nonsurgical options:

  • Ability to customize – Botox is just one of a few products designed to relax muscles and smooth away wrinkles. There are are also multiple dermal fillers available that will fill in deep wrinkles and facial scars in addition to plumping the lips. When it comes to improving their looks, people like to have plenty of options.
  • Good choice for the unsure – Many people are hesitant about committing to surgery. After a regular regimen of minimally invasive procedures, it’s not uncommon for patients to move forward with surgery once they feel more comfortable.
  • Injections fit today’s lifestyle – Men and women today are constantly busy with work, home responsibilities and recreational activities. Many don’t have time to set aside a week or two to recover from surgery. Injections, dermal fillers and procedures like chemical peels can take less than an hour and can feel more like a trip to the spa than a doctor.

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