The Happiest Patients: Breast Reduction

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Having larger breasts is the goal of many women. For some, there is no size limit, and bigger seems to mean better. Having larger breasts does not always translate to happier women, though. In fact, some women have opted for breast reduction or breast reconstruction.

“Bigger breasts may be the cause of continual physical pain.”

In certain cases, bigger breasts may be the cause of continual physical pain, along with social and emotional anxiety. Breasts that are too large may be natural or the result of past cosmetic surgery. Either way, pain and discomfort may drive a woman to consider getting a breast reduction.

Following a breast reduction surgery, many women state that their constant back or neck pain goes away. Surprisingly, there is often an overall improved body image, making it one of the happiest procedures. Smaller breasts may also open up new clothing options, so this is a bonus. 

What are the reasons to pursue a breast reduction procedure?


Anyone suffering from neck pain, shoulder or back pains, and sensitive strap marks or rashes resulting from overly large breasts should consider a breast reduction. This type of pain is chronic and can be debilitating. While pain killers can be a temporary fix, long term, this is not a smart solution. Pain killers are addictive and lose their effect with long term usage. 

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Activity Restrictions

Those who cannot participate in certain physical activities should also look into a reduction. The vast benefits of this procedure do include better health as more activities become possible. Smaller breasts could equal an entire lifestyle change that allows for exercise and adventure that was previously too painful. 

Self Image

Some women might not like the look of very large breasts, which can make them feel self-conscious. In other cases, her breasts may be disproportionate in relation to their build. Being heavy on the top has the potential to make a person look heavy all over, especially when wearing loose-fitting clothing.

Unwanted Attention

For the same reason, some women choose to get breast augmentation; others desire the opposite. Breasts can be considered beautiful and add to a woman’s sexual appeal. On a person-by-person basis, attracting this type of attention may be a good or bad thing. Smaller breasts don’t equal less sex appeal, but they may take the immediate attention off noticeable breasts.  


This can be a big deal depending on how large the breasts are compared to the average woman. Standard clothing sizing fits people who fall within a specific range. This sizing includes bras and intimates. Large breasts make it necessary to search out specialty brands to accommodate larger sizing. Not having the option to buy clothing in a retail store or from a favorite designer is frustrating. With breasts sized closer to the average, wearing the latest trends becomes possible. 

Do Women Regret Getting a Breast Reduction?

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released the data from a survey, showing that of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction ranked the highest in terms of patient satisfaction, and the number of women undergoing the procedure increased 183 percent since 1997. 

According to the report, of those surveyed, only 20 percent were fully satisfied with their breasts, while after the surgery, that number dramatically jumped to over 80 percent.

While a reduction may be the right solution, it is essential to consider all factors before undergoing a procedure. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself before scheduling your procedure:

  • Are there other natural ways to resolve pain like strengthening exercises or correctly sized clothing?
  • Are my breasts the only issue keeping me from being happy with my body? Will I still be unhappy if I only change this part of myself?
  • The tissue may grow back with time. Am I ok with this possibility?
  • If I plan to have kids, will I want to breastfeed?

Risks Involved With Breast Reduction

There are risks, as with any procedure, but the outcome is far more rewarding. 

“With any surgery, there is an inherent risk to going under anesthesia, though the risk is low,” Lily Dayton at the Los Angeles Times reported. “Risks of the actual procedure include decreased sensation or loss of sensation in the nipple, infection, poor wound healing, asymmetry, and the death of fat tissue in the breast.”

Risk Factors:

  • Scarring that is noticeable
  • Infection, bleeding, and blood clots
  • Changes in nipple sensations that may be permanent
  • Breast shape irregularity and contour
  • Possibility of inability to breastfeed
  • Damage to nerves and muscles in the surrounding area
  • Shape changes with weight fluctuations

The risks are generally low, and the benefits are far greater. Women across the country report feeling far happier with their bodies following this procedure. As with any procedure, thoroughly abiding by all post-operative instructions will aid the healing process, helping women return to their everyday lives quickly and with far more confidence.

If you plan on breastfeeding in the future, talk to your surgeon about your goals. They can offer options like a limited mammaplasty. They may even recommend waiting until after your family planning period. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast cancer is one reason a woman may decide to get a breast reduction or even total tissue removal. October is the month dedicated to the awareness that will hopefully keep women informed all year long. 

By educating women, they can make proactive choices about their breast health. Early detection and knowing what to look for saves lives. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, so this affects all of us.

Learn about breast cancer from the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Educating women on breast anatomy, how to spot warning signs, and the support available if diagnosed is a top priority.

If you think getting a breast reduction or breast reconstruction may be right for you, consult with a Lett Center plastic surgery specialist. Our team can talk to you more about the benefits of breast reduction surgery today and options available unique to your needs. The Lett Center has board-certified plastic surgeons in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon, Tennessee. 

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