It’s undeniable that we live in an overtly visual world, one where we can and do judge others on their looks. Recently, one journalist for The Atlantic argued that it’s about time we were honest about this fact, and candid about our desire to look our best as well.

Spurred by comments about former Secretary State and potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the role her age and appearance may have in her electability, Michele Willens notes that, though she supports Clinton politically, she has also thought that the politician could benefit from Botox, a neck lift or some other cosmetic enhancements.

Willens notes that public opinion about plastic surgery has changed dramatically, and the semblance of judgment over these procedures is poised to fall by the wayside.

“There has been a seismic cultural shift and now sports stars, business, and media figures, and even Reality TV personalities have made some women feel they should also get to look like that,” she explains.

Willens argues that if a high-profile female politician like Hilary Clinton does opt for a cosmetic enhancement or too – and is open about it – she will likely find more support than she expects.

Though many people find it all too easy to dismiss men and women who opt for plastic surgery as vain, the act of improving one’s appearance this way – more often than not – is ultimately about self-empowerment. Contact Dr. Lett and his attentive staff at the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, to learn more about these procedures.