Why Taking Too Many Supplements Can Be a Problem

Scientists and doctors believe that there are myriad benefits to taking vitamin supplements. Not only are multivitamins linked to increased energy levels and clarity of mind for those who take them, but it is even suspected that certain supplements can help individuals maintain their youthful looks at any age. However, a recent study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) found that many patients who go under the knife for a cosmetic procedure could be putting themselves at risk by taking vitamin supplements beforehand.

The ASPS researchers who conducted the study looked at 200 patients who were set to undergo a cosmetic procedure, specifically a facelift or rhinoplasty. Roughly 80 percent of those individuals were female while the average age of a participant was 45 years old.

It was estimated that roughly 49 percent of all those who participated in the study took either a vitamin, herbal, or animal-derived supplement on a daily basis. According to many of the top doctors who helped conduct the study, many of the supplements consumed by these patients have been linked to excessive bleeding during an operation. However, since supplements are not regulated, there is a “severe lack” of data on their safety and effectiveness, ASPS Member Surgeon and author of the report Dr. Bahman Guyuron wrote. Guyuron recommends to his patients that they decrease their risk by eliminating supplements from their diets roughly two to three weeks before a procedure.

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