We live in a world where there are quick, non-invasive “fixes” to prolong, or even recreate, a youthful appearance. Often times, no matter how many years Botox and fillers seem to delete off one’s face, their neck still gives the true story away. Reason being is because unless someone wanted to go under the knife, their necklines were out of luck- until recently. Although there is now (finally) easier, less invasive options- it’s important to note there is no one solution for everyone.





Unattractive necklines are the result of different causes, like genetics or weight gain; and proper treatment must be tailored to the underlying cause.

“Unattractive necklines are the result of different causes…proper treatment must be tailored to the underlying cause.”

Common causes of poor aesthetic necklines:

Small lower jaw – a less prominent chin and/or deep underbite offers less bone support, which could eventually lead to redundant skin. Appropriate treatment would be a chin augmentation (Genioplasty).

Facial sagging – Aging causes a loss of fat compartments and volume, resulting in the midface falling over time. A more prominent jawline can be restored by replacing lost volume in the midface with fillers like Voluma, or a fat transfer from another area of the body.

Gravitational changes of the neck tissue – Over time the skin and muscle in the front of your neck will begin to pull away, leading to unsightly banding. When caught early, or practiced preemptively, micro-needling and chemical peels can delay the inevitable outcome of sagging. Eventually, the recommended treatment option is a neck/facelift. When performed well by a board certified plastic surgeon, a facelift can yield a result of up to ten years.

Weight gain – Excess fat accumulates all over the body and the neck is no exception.
If you have firm skin and a mild amount of excess fat, a minimally invasive treatment like Kybella would work well in realizing a more contoured neckline. Kybella is a series of injections that dissolve fat in the neck.

If you have a significant amount of excess fat in your submental region and reasonable skin quality, a face/neck lift is the best option to yield desired results, but liposuction would also achieve a more attractive neckline with less expense and downtime.

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