As plastic surgery continues to become more mainstream, it’s becoming less uncommon to hear public figures and celebrities talk openly about how Botox or a nip and tuck has benefited their lives. This increased awareness has been great for potential cosmetic procedure patients who were previously concerned about the stigma surrounding these enhancements. One unfortunate side effect of of this otherwise positive attitude change about plastic surgery is that some individuals are seeing it not as a medical procedure, but rather a commodity like makeup or other cosmetics.

Most plastic surgeons would agree that such a casual take on procedures like breast augmentation or liposuction is unhealthy for any would-be patient. This problem is compounded even further when these types of thoughts are introduced to children.

A plastic surgery-themed mobile application was recently removed from Apple’s iTunes store after it received thousands of complaints from around the web. The game, although not directly marketed toward children, featured a overweight cartoon-like character called Barbie. Users of the app can help Barbie lose weight by making an incision in her abdomen and performing liposuction. Afterward, the gamer is shown a before-and-after picture of the character and congratulated for making her look better.

Although the mobile app uses the name Barbie, it is not affiliated with Mattel, the maker of the doll of the same name.

Just like any other medical procedure, plastic surgery should be taken seriously and anyone interested in changing their looks should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Contact The Lett Center today, to learn more about how you could benefit from an enhancement.