What’s a good Valentine’s Day gift? Flowers? Chocolate? What about Botox? It’s possible that a special woman in your life might like a dermal injection or two on February 14.

According to a survey conducted by the British plastic surgery website Good Surgeon Guide, 78 percent of the women polled said that they would like to receive the wrinkle-fighting drug as a gift. Other top cosmetic treatments include dermal fillers and teeth whitening. We’ll admit that 78 percent seems a bit high, but it’s possible that the women polled already had a strong interest in cosmetic procedures.

Offering to pay for a procedure – whether it’s minimally invasive like Botox or a major surgery like breast augmentation – is a delicate issue. If you’re seriously considering making such a purchase, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Choice – Even if you offer to pay for plastic surgery, is not up to you to decide the specific procedures that your friend or loved one will get.
  • Intention – If the special person in your life has not expressed to you that they would like plastic surgery, a gift of Botox or rhinoplasty could come off as offensive. You are telling a person that you want them to change.

Although Good Surgeon Guide took a very tongue-in-cheek approach for this survey, it’s important to remember that plastic surgery is a personal and serious decision. If you’re interested in looking and feeling your best, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Lett Center today!