For many rhinoplasty patients, their most pressing concern after their recovery is how they will look. There are a few folks considering going under the knife, however, who may be worried about how they will sound. Because nose surgery changes the position of some of your nasal bones, it’s possible that you may sound a bit different. But will the procedure result in any major changes? A new study published in journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery explored that question.

Researchers from Mashad University of Medical Sciences in Iran found that changes in the voice are detectable by patients and voice experts, but rarely cause problems with speech function.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States and abroad. Dr. Kamran Khazaeni, the study’s lead investigator, wrote in the report that he and his colleagues had noticed an increased number of potential patients asking about how rhinoplasty could affect their voices.

To conduct the analysis, the research team judged the changes in voice quality of 27 patients. Study subjects and voice experts also provided their opinions on how the speech patterns had changed. Very few differences were observed before and after surgery, but Dr. Khazaeni noted that if individuals are truly concerned about voice quality, they should bring up the issue with their surgeon.

“For individuals who rely on their voice for professional reasons, the surgeon should discuss these changes with the patient preoperatively and consider more conservative types of surgery,” Dr. Khazaeni wrote in the report.

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