Women and men will go through a lot to stay competitive in the workforce. Networking, exercise and dressing well are things that professionals do to stand out among the many other individuals looking to move up the corporate ladder. A few of these ambitious folks are taking this to the next step and are opting to go under the knife to improve their looks.

In an interview with Boston Magazine, Dr. Michael Yaremchuk, a plastic surgeon and chief of craniofacial plastic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, said that an increasing number of men are expressing interest in cosmetic procedures. Most are interested in the same popular procedures that women get such as rhinoplatsy and liposuction, but a few are getting chin implants as well.

“A certain amount of men want to be more competitive in the workplace and work market, and they feel that it’s important for them to look younger and more attractive just so they can compete with younger people,” Dr. Yaremchuk told the publication. “There used to be somewhat of a taboo on male cosmetic surgery, and now it’s certainly more accepted.”

Dr. Yaremchuck also told the source that another growing trend that he’s noticed is couples having plastic surgery together. Often when a husband realizes that his wife’s nip or tuck really isn’t a big deal, he’ll want to get something done, too.

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