More women are going under the knife for procedures like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation than they ever have before! Although plastic surgery is growing in popularity and gaining more widespread acceptance, potential patients should remember that a nip and tuck – even if it seems minor – is still a medical procedure, and should be taken seriously.

In an interview with the Las Cruces Sun-News, a New Mexico newspaper, Dr. Scot Martin, a local plastic surgeon, said that patients should remember that the overall goal of plastic surgery is different than that of a standard medical procedure.

“Plastic surgery is different,” Dr. Martin told the publication. “You’re taking healthy people and operating on them, and the goal is to make them happy. You’re taking something normal and enhancing, or rejuvenating it. […] The rewarding part is someone who is truly happy (with their results). It makes a difference in their life and makes them a little more confident.”

Dr. Martin did note, however, that there are risks to major operations like breast augmentation, especially when patients do not take care of themselves during the recovery process. Resting and limiting physical activity for the time recommended by your surgeon will help you get back on your feet faster and with fewer complications.

An important part of ensuring plastic surgery success is using the services of an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Interested in creating a whole new you? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the plastic surgery specialists at The Lett Center today!