Some fans of Botox see it almost as a miracle drug. Not only can injections smooth out lines on the forehead, the medication can also relieve excessive sweating and migraines. In September 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially approved Botox for the treatment of crow’s feet. This newly-approved use of the drug has drawn in many new patients who now swear by it.

If you’ve been using Botox for a while, you may be wondering how this information about crow’s feet is new, as your plastic surgeon may have already been using the injection for this purpose. Since Botox’s approval for between the eye treatment in 2002, many physicians have used it “off label” (an unofficial use) but now they have the FDA’s stamp of approval. In an interview with The Patriot-News, a central Pennsylvania publication, Harrisburg plastic surgeon Dr. Richard de Ramon said that he expects that a new group of patients to become interested in Botox for crow’s feet.

“There was a lot of data that already showed it was safe and effective, but there are some people who will be more apt to use it because of the FDA approval,” Dr. de Ramon told the source.

Just like its other cosmetic uses, Botox for crow’s feet takes just a few minutes. Patients can be in and out of their plastic surgeon’s office before their lunch break ends. Results can last up to four months.

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