Could plastic surgery be considered a creative outlet? It’s not really a far-fetched idea, as one could equate a surgeon’s skill at giving their patients a desired look to a sculptor or other visual artist. According to one man who has had multiple procedures, cosmetic surgery is an art form.

Even if you haven’t heard the name Justin Jedlica, it’s likely that you’ve seen him on television during one of his many appearances on news and talk programs. The 32-year-old has had over 125 procedures including a lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, and pectoral implants. Media pundits often refer to Jedlica as the “Human Ken Doll” because of his well-sculpted and smooth looks.

In an appearance on “Dr. Drew On Call” on HLN, Jedlica said that he didn’t think that his behavior was extreme, saying that his enhancements have made him feel better on the inside.

“For me, it’s an art form,” Jedlica told Dr. Drew. “It’s a way to be creative and to work with a doctor to try to create something. My journey for modification has progressed where it’s no longer a need.”

He added that trying to convince him to quit changing his body would be akin to trying to convince Picasso to stop painting.

We’ll admit that Jedlica has had a lot of procedures. But if that’s what makes him happy, who are we to judge? The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to help you achieve your – and no one else’s – aesthetic goals.

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