Michelle Pfeiffer has had a long and successful career in Hollywood and has proven that talent, in addition to beauty, is the key to snagging the most coveted roles. At 55, she looks great, but says she would consider a few minor cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers or Botox if they made her feel better about herself.

In an interview with The Inquisitr, the actress said that its possible that a few cosmetic tweaks could be on the horizon for her.

“If I thought it would look better, I would [have plastic surgery],” Pfeiffer told the publication. “I’m all about, ‘Do it so you can’t tell it’s been done.’ You know what? I’m good with that.”

The Hollywood star, who made name for herself in roles in “Batman Returns” and “Scarface,” also told the source that even she has felt a little pressure to look younger. Because of this, she said that she sees why cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular among young actresses. She also noted that while she wouldn’t mind looking 30 or 40 again, her goal now is to be the best looking 55 year old she can be. And if it takes a few injections to get there, then so be it.

Pfeiffer’s candid statements on cosmetic procedures show that it’s more than just major operations. While some folks may want a major transformation, others just need a nip, tuck or a few frown lines eliminated to reach their ideal look.

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