Often, the first thing that plastic surgery patients want to know when they are considering a cosmetic procedure is how they will look once the operation is complete. After all, the point of the procedure is to change your appearance. While some plastic surgeons will forecast your look based on the results of previous patients who have similar bone structure to you, others have computer programs that can do the job.

Of course, doctors can’t guarantee that these methods are 100 percent accurate, but now they may be able to make use of sophisticated 3-D imaging technology that has been shown to produce remarkably spot-on results.

The system, known as VECTRA, can be used for face and body procedures such as breast reconstruction or breast implants.

In an interview with San Francisco ABC affiliate KGO, San Mateo, California, plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Piro said that using VECTRA is almost like having a crystal ball.

“They’re specific to the patients because you’re taking a picture of the patient and making those changes,” Piro told the source. “We can just narrow the tip a little bit as we come in, and narrow the dorsum slightly too,” he continued, in reference to the work that he was doing for a rhinoplasty patient.

While the VECTRA’s images are very detailed, Piro noted that the program has a few flaws, including the fact that it doesn’t account for skin or muscle tone. Nonetheless, he added that it’s useful to have more imaging software at his disposal.

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