While most plastic surgery patients are excited to see the final results of their facelift or liposuction procedure, very few look forward to the discomfort and downtime associated with the recovery process. As a result, many of them are seeking treatment from plastic surgeons who offer minimally invasive alternatives to common procedures.

In an interview with U-T San Diego, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Rey said that the nature of his practice has experienced a major shift over the past few years. While he once spent the majority of his days making incisions and poking and prodding his patients, he now uses different types of laser treatments, to help his patients reach their desired results.

“Why would a field that makes you pretty cut you the most?” Rey asked the source.

He also observed that fewer patients have come into his office seeking treatment for multiple invasive procedures. In addition, according to Rey, those who want cosmetic procedures are getting them to boost their self-esteem and seem to have a more concrete idea in mind of how they want to look.

Dr. Robert Singer, the former president of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery told the source that while he encourages the use of less-invasive techniques, patients should keep in mind that they are still medical procedures. As such, they should seek out a board certified plastic surgeon for treatment and have realistic expectations about the result.

Procedures like dermal filler injections are becoming more popular for individuals who want a more youthful look, but don’t want to go under the knife.

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